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Majestic Diary

March 14, 2009

Well... I had high hopes for today. I started by cleaning up around the sanctuary--all the sticks that have fallen out of trees and onto the ground. Then I was raking and using the wheelbarrow to lug everything away. I had big plans to start setting our new pre-formed pond liners into place (I bought 4 yesterday). And then... it happened... I took a break and started filling buckets and kiddie pools with water. I was in the goose pen and Mac came over and started professing his love to me. I sprayed him with the hose, but he refused to leave and he got more and more worked up.

I finally decided to go back into the duck pen to get my "waddle wand" to shoe him away and when I turned to step away with a start--something popped in the back of my shin and pain shot through it so deep I nearly lost my stomach on the spot, but immediately thought, "Don't throw up in here, the geese will eat it." So I leaned on the fencing and kept filling water buckets with the hose to distract myself. Mac had left to the other side of the pen in a hurry, I guess sensing something was wrong. So I stood there filling water and feeling my stomach rising into my throat and I was so afraid to move my leg because I wasn't sure if it would hurt or not.

I started feeling dizzy and my vision started breaking up, so I thought it best to try to walk--afraid I might pass out in the goose pen and become Mac's lunch. I made it out of the pen, closed the door and everything started tipping upside down and turning black. I grabbed my "waddle wand" and used it as a crutch and made it into the barn. I barely saw Dutch and thought: "Do not pass out here or Dutch will have his way with me." I managed to pull the next door open and close it just enough to keep him on the other side and then down I went into the hay. Blacked out.

I forced myself awake, remembering that the hose was still on and pulled myself up utilizing the kennel railing and shut off the water. Then I walked out of the barn, closed the door behind me and everything began swirling again. I lay down in the grass before passing out, so I wouldn't fall. I just laid there... waiting for Tony to come back outside again after eating. He didn't come, so I stood up and used the "waddle wand" which was still in my hand to get up on my feet and hobble up to the house.

When I made it inside, Tony helped me get my boots off and I flexed my leg all around and found it was not broken, nor did I tear a ligament. But... I can't put any weight on one of the muscles that helps me step forward or point my toes or the pain is searing. I'm suspecting that when I twisted to run out of the goose pen, I might have tore a muscle just below my calve. So much for my plans for the day... ruined. I am so ticked off. I didn't hurt myself lugging tree limbs out of the yard, I hurt myself turning in place. How dumb is that? So now I'm hobbling from here to there, trying to keep it warm because when I sit too long it stiffens right up and hurts even more.

Ay yi yi... a day in sanctuary work... always an adventure. I don't have any photos to insert today. Sorry...

Afterwards I joked with Tony and said, "Thank goodness we don't have the Webbed Cam yet or everyone would have just seen me black out in duck shit. I'm going to take a shower now."

He replied, "Actually Elizabeth probably would have seen it and called me and said: Kim just passed out in the barn--go help her!"


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