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Healthy Female Ducks & Geese ONLY!

Please understand, we can no longer accept any male ducks, Muscovy ducks or geese into our sanctuary. This applies to everyone and includes all circumstances. Going forward, we only accept HEALTHY, FEMALE domestic ducks as owner surrenders and we can't take everyone, so there is no guarantee we can help you at this time.

As part of our retirement plan, we will be closing down our sanctuary in the year 2030. In order to ensure that our sanctuary guests are all adopted or have ended their long lives here before this estimated closure, we need to be careful about who we accept into our sanctuary to be certain they will receive a lifetime of care.

Because male ducks, ganders and Muscovy ducks don't tend to be adopted and often live for 10-15 years at our sanctuary, we will no longer be able to accept them into our care or else they risk having no place to retire in their old age.

Because Geese live 20+ years and tend to reside at our sanctuary for an average of 7 years before finding their new homes, we are limiting ourselves to 1-2 CONFIRMED female geese at any one time.




You will have to do the catching part, but we may be able to take the duck or goose, provided we can confirm they are female before their arrival (usually using video/audio). Find how-to information here: Waterfowl Rescue Info


Canada geese and wild Mallards often have Angel Wing. This is where the wing muscle flips outward on one or both sides. Above is a photo of a domestic Toulouse gander with this condition on both sides.

This condition is NOT caused by a break or injury and the animal is not in any pain. This deformity can either be genetic or a result of malnutrition when the bird was young.

Wild waterfowl who have Angel Wing often cannot fly, or fly very far. Unless the duck or goose is in immediate danger, however, wildlife rehabbers probably won't be able to assist unless YOU can safely capture the animal. DO NOT do this without contacting them prior! Need help finding a rehabber: Wildlife Rehabber

Rescue Form

If you would like to contact us to see if we can take in female ducks or geese in need of sanctuary after you rescue them from abandonment, please fill out the below form.

***Please Note:  A duck or goose who needs rescuing is a bird who is NOT yet in your custody. Any waterfowl already in your care, no matter the circumstance, are considered an Owner Surrender and require an entirely different form.

Your Contact Information:

How did you hear about us?  

Your Name:  

Your Email Address:  
If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, you either gave us an invalid email address  and we were unable to respond to you, OR your spam block is on, in which case our response is probably in your "Junk Email" bin.

Your Town or City:               

Your State:          

Your telephone number*:            

Time Zone: PT   ET   CT

Best time to call: Morning Afternoon Evening
Although we're asking for your telephone info, due to time constraints, we rarely make phone calls unless extremely necessary. We usually make exception for policemen, firemen, veterinarians or Animal Control Officers. Please expect email correspondence in most situations.

Important Rescue Information:

Type of Bird(s):     

REMEMBER... We can only take healthy, female ducks and occasionally female geese into our sanctuary. Sorry, no Muscovy ducks.

If Ducks, what Gender(s):        
We need to know, so please
Click Here to learn how to tell the difference.
If you are still unsure of their gender, you will need to email us clear video footage of them audibly quacking/honking.

Please describe the bird(s) including quantity, breed (if known), size, color of plumage, age, physical injuries, personality, etc.

Location of Birds: City or Town:      


Type of Rescue Needed: Land   Water   Not sure

Do you understand that you will have to do the actual rescuing part on your own?

Yes    No    Not sure

Are the ducks/geese owned by anyone?

Yes    No    Not sure

Are the ducks/geese on private property?

Yes    No    Not sure

Are the ducks/geese on town or state property?

Yes    No    Not sure


If you have the capability of sending a digital photo of the duck or goose:

After submitting this Rescue Form to us, please email us a clear, sharp and bright photo of the duck or goose that needs our help. Please do not send us links to view photo albums. Rescue requests that include digital photos are placed higher on our waiting list than those that come without.

In the body of the email containing the photo(s) please include your full name.

Are you able to email us photos of the bird(s) in question at this time? 

Yes    No 

If so, when can we expect to receive them?    

If there's anything else you'd like us to know, you can use the fields below:



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