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Majestic Diary

June 11, 2013

A family in Connecticut discovered three geese dropped off on the ponds near their property. They did a great job of luring two of them up into their dog pen (while the dog wasn't in it) for food and then closed the door on them until we could arrive.

They're going to keep an eye out for the third goose, but haven't seen her in a while.

We brought Fred & Ginger back to our place and took them both to the vet. Ginger has a bum left leg and we needed to make sure it wasn't infected. As it turns out, our vet suspects she was hurt from human handling as a gosling. Her tendon in her "knee" joint slipped, causing the bones of her joint to slip out of place. Because those bones don't line up right, she has progressive arthritis and the lower long bone is hollowing out from it, making it impossible to pin.

We don't have any room at Majestic, so the family that caught them has also volunteered to take them to Nevins Farm MSPCA. Our vet is trying to think of a surgical plan for Ginger, but in the meantime, this pair needs a safe place to stay.

Ginger (front) and Fred (back)


Young Jeffrey is looking good and feeling much better!


















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