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Majestic Diary

June 17, 2013

Are you following me, Galileo? I don't have any treats... (He'll keep it up until I break down and go get him some).

Galileo is EXTREMELY clever! When I show up with treats, Romeo feels inclined to give him a good pecking order poke. Galileo leads Romeo and the girls off and around their small goose barn, then... once they are distracted, he sneaks back around and runs over for the treats! By the time the others catch on and come around, he leads them off again... circling around and around, and stopping for treats whenever he gets ahead of them. It's so funny to watch!

Our sanctuary Autumn Berry trees have grown really out of hand. I've been working on pruning them, but it's hard work. They grow FAST. I have to get up on a ladder and pull the top branches back down through the netting and cut them. It takes hours to do each tree and some have thorns, so it gets pretty messy. This one still needs doing (obviously).

Finished these two trees!

Started a third in Marvin & Ms. Bee's pen... but...uht oh... a bird's nest... I'll have to come back to this one later after the babies have flown off...



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