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Majestic Diary

August 16, 2013

Today (Friday) was surgery day. I brought Lil Ms. Bee to the vet at 8:00 a.m. They were expecting to be done around 11:30-12:00, but when I called to check up on her she was still being worked on. They said she was doing very well.

I called back just before 1:00 and she was still under. The work was very intricate, but I was worried about her being under for so long. They said they had two vet techs continually monitoring her vitals while our vet worked and she was doing great.

A little while later they called to say her surgery was over and she was coming out of anesthesia and still doing great.

The surgery went much longer than expected and our vet gave us a really incredible discount to take care of her, so I picked up a few pizzas and then arrived at 4:00 pm to pick her up (giving her time to come out of her anesthesia fully).

Now Lil Ms. Bee is home in a playpen area in our sunroom for the next three weeks. She ate and drank as soon as I got her set up, which is really great. She looks tired, but otherwise is talking and doing well.

She gets antibiotics once a day and pain meds every 6 hours. She'll go back for a check-up on Tuesday to make sure everything is going well.

Now it's time to run a fundraiser to help with her vet bills!


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