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Majestic Diary

November 6, 2013

We received a phone call from Nevins Farm on Saturday (November 2nd) that Ginger goose is no longer putting weight on her bum leg. She can't walk. There wasn't enough time to get her here before our vet closed for the day and his practice was closed until yesterday (Tuesday). So... we put them in touch with our vet to figure out pain medication and we PRAYED that her leg wasn't broken and she would survive the weekend.

We had been planning to get her here within the next two weeks, but this immediately bumped up her amputation surgery plans. So yesterday, Pam drove both Ginger and Fred to us and today Ginger went to our vet for x-rays to see what happened.

As a reminder... It appears when Ginger was young she was probably mishandled or had an accident and slipped a tendon in her left "knee" joint. As a result, her bones in that joint slipped out of alignment and then degenerative arthritis began to destroy her joint. The ends of her two long bones have hollowed out and a bad break is in her future. Amputation of the limb is the only solution, and then fitting her with a new prosthetic one.

We prayed that it was not broken and our prayers were answered. But... there were other issues. Ginger also has arthritis in her RIGHT hip because it has been doing all the work supporting all of her weight.

While this right hip arthritis is bad news, it will make Ginger even more likely to accept her prosthetic because putting her weight on her new artificial limb, will instantly provide relief to her hip joint. This, combined with her willingness to be handled and her determination to walk are what make her such a great candidate for a prosthetic.

So... our vet suggested that during her surgery, he inject "Legend" into her arthritic hip to help lubricate and protect the joint. In addition, she will require weekly Adequan injections to care for her joints as well.

We also decided to test her bone and tissue in that area for bone cancer. He sent off the cytology in the hopes that our results would be back in time for surgery in two days--on Friday. Otherwise... Ginger will need to wait a WEEK for surgery. Now it's REALLY time to PRAY.

But that's not all... We also need to find a way to cover the cost of her surgery, which will probably run at least $500, but probably closer to $700.

AND... Pastel came down with pneumonia over the weekend. We started him on antibiotics and his lungs seem to be improving, but I brought him to the vet today because I'm worried that his heart murmur is now causing him difficulty. When he gets stressed, he collapses and sits on the ground and can't get up immediately. An ultrasound is in order and we'll be arranging that soon, but it's another $350, which we don't have.

So which goose do I help? I can't help one and not the other. It has to be both... there has to be a way. And then Isabel came home and brought up the mail and there was a check from a Connecticut business for $1000.00! We're helping BOTH for sure!!!




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