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Majestic Diary

February 14 , 2014

Pastel stopped eating yesterday. I noticed his food dish wasn't going down any, so he probably stopped the day before that. It's been really cold, so I've had him in the barn for the past couple of days.

I gave him a big handful of lettuce yesterday and this boy is usually all over that... but not yesterday.

We had a huge snow storm yesterday that began in the early a.m. and lasted until about 2:00 pm. We didn't get ourselves dug out until about 4:30 pm because it was really heavy snow.  Since we couldn't make it to the vet, I figured I'd bring him with me today while Lil Ms. Bee gets her wing x-ray.

But... this morning I could see that he wasn't going to make it... and it was snowing again. The roads weren't safe for me to go out. So I picked him up and sat outside with the geese, so he could see his friend Juliet and his family one last time. I sat on the ground, in the snow and held him on my lap. I think he liked that. I know the geese like seeing him. They all came around.

Then I gave Pastel his meds and set him down in his nicely bedded barn kennel and I gave him a sedative, so he would be as comfortable as possible. And then... a few minutes later, when we stepped out of the barn to fill water buckets... when we came back... he was gone.

We'll have him cremated and brought back to us.

What a good little gander he was...




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