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Special Custimized Mini Tins & Protype Extras!

Personalized:  Occasionally, Kim will make custom mini tins for people.  She normally only does these when the cold weather hits us in Connecticut. Depending how intricate you want your tin to be, prices can range from $25 all the way up to a couple hundred dollars, in which case, a deposit may be required.

Reduced Priced Prototypes:  Kim often creates prototype tins while working out the fine details of some of our mini tins.  You can refer to these by name when inquiring about their availability:

Measurements:  Each Mini Tin measures 3 " x 2 " and shipwhere in the USA (Sorry... no international shipping).

Caution--Choking Hazard!:  Small pieces and tiny magnets! These tins are NOT intended for young children and should also be kept away from pets!

How to get your tin :

1.  Email Us  to confirm availablity of a Prototype. If you're looking for a custom piece, email us with a photo or idea of what you're looking for.  You can reference an existing tin number if you're looking for something similar

2. When instructed to do so, Donate by Paypal and be sure to type the name of the Mini Tin into the Comments field.

CUSTOM TIN:  Whale of a Tale!  

Description:  Rare marine artwork by Isabel's Hells Bells Studio featuring two in-flight delivery Muscovies by Kim! Tin also includes beautiful 3D shoreline scenery!

Tin Includes: 1 seagul, 1 boat, 2 oars, 1 life preserver and 1 duck.

Minimum Donation:   PRICELESS!

*Colors/styles of items may vary slightly from photo.

CUSTOM TIN:  Eeben's Medi-Reminder Fridge Magnet!

Description:  Because Eeben receives daily oral medication and weekly Adequan injections for his arthritis, this fridge magnet with magnetic pushpins helps his adopting family keep track of things! This tin was designed just for him!

Tin Includes: 7 pushpin magnets in rainbow colors!

Minimum Donation:   PRICELESS!

*Colors/styles of items may vary slightly from photo.


PROTYPE:  #PT Magnetic Ducktionary

Description:  Fun magnets (10 mil) especially designed for mothers and fathers of pet ducks and geese! Create fun sentences, stories or even a bit of waterfowl poetry! 

Tin Includes: Hundreds of magnets! (These are thinner than the 20 mil magnets of our standard Ducktionary tins).  

Minimum Donation: $20.00

PROTOTYPE: #PT Robotix DX-999

Description:  Ask your DX-999 your question, then spin the spinner for your answer!

--Spin Again!

--Metallic Quack!

--You Need A Duck!

--I'm Thinking Wine...


Minimum Donation: $20.00

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