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Majestic Diary

May 14, 2013

Insomnia has kept my busy at night. I've been making little duck and goose hardcover books! Cute!

And matchbooks...

And pocket mini books with little tickets inside!

Mini duck journals...

In other news... I finished turning over all of the duck pen grounds and seeded this year's grass. Sprouts are already up in Marvin & Bee's pen and in Ranger's pen. It was a real challenge turning over soil in Mercy and Piper's pen because Mercy wanted WORMS! Ha ha! Boy, that chubby little duck can RUN when she's sees a squiggly treat being unearthed.

The Gate House is the only pen that still has grass from last year, so very little turning over to be done in there. I let River sneak inside for a treat when no one's looking!

And Tricia is definitely back to her old self again! Thank goodness for that!

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