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Majestic Diary

May 29, 2013

Alice wasn't acting herself yesterday, so I started her on the same medications I gave her last October when she exhibited the same symptoms. She's just walking slower than usual, kind of disinterested in things... Last fall the medications pulled her through in a couple of weeks and our vet suspected some kind of oviduct infection. But this morning she was much worse and coughing a lot, so I raced her to the vet to find out what was going on...

During the x-ray she began panting and having trouble breathing, so our vet put her on oxygen to help her... but... she passed away.

I was broken hearted to lose her so unexpectedly, but even more so because I wasn't in the room with her. I'm always in the room with them when they go, to comfort them and let them know they're not alone, but it all happened so fast...

The x-ray showed that she had cancer in her ovary. Last fall when she was so deathly ill, it was cancer. For some reason, she went into a miraculous remission and then it went on to spread to her lungs, which is what happened today.

I guess when I was praying for more time with her last October, I should've been more specific... Why is it never enough time?

I rec'd an email a few weeks ago from a wildlife rehabber who had a domestic gosling brought in along with some Canada goslings. She sent me this photo:

She arrived today (although he looks like a boy to me). So we're starting him out with the name Clementine (Oh, my darlin'!), but Isabel already has plans to change his name to Galileo once we confirm she's actually a HE!

It was good Clementine/Galileo arrived today. It helped Isabel (and myself) with the hurt of losing Alice a little. How can you not smile at that little face...

The moment Panchita saw him, she was convinced he hatched from one of the eggs took from her. She keeps calling out and saying, "That baby's mine!" So she and Romeo and the other ladies hang out just outside his pen (his pen neighbor's theirs), so they can be right with him without accidentally (or purposefully) hurting him.

I let River inside to visit him since she's so gentle and only seems concerned with the grass!





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