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Majestic Diary

May 31, 2013

Galileo (definitely a boy!) has started making the transition out into the bigger Goose Run. I'm always with him chaperoning, but so far they all seem fine with him. Romeo pokes him every now and then to let him know he's in charge and Panchita has a motherly fondness for him.

Galileo likes Juliet a lot and tries to be with her, but she runs off because he attracts too much attention from the others and lures them all over, when she prefers to be a little separated from the main gaggle.

Look at those big feet!

Panchita peeking around the corner at Galileo:

Panchita inching over towards Galileo while feigning to nibble plants:

Panchita sneaking over beside Galileo:

I tried getting photos of anyone I could with our new blue ribbons for the photo contest today. It didn't go so well... this was the best I could get. Rilo and Ranger were the only ones I could even get close to the ribbons.

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