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Majestic Diary

June 6 , 2013

Young Jeffrey is going in for surgery today to have a partial penectomy. Oh no! Poor Young Jeffrey... But attempts to get things to stay in place naturally just isn't working and with summer coming and a much higher risk of infection, it's time to act now (we also don't want any risk of frost bite in the colder months destined to follow).

So this morning I let everyone, but Young Jeffrey out of the barn, so I'd be able to catch him easily when the time came to go to the vet. I came back outside and found this... Rilo had come up out of his pen--away from his brother Ranger who he follows like a mirror, just to sit with Young Jeffrey.

It was one of those moments that took my breath away. I ran inside for the camera and came back out to take a picture of it. Ranger was just outside the barn calling for his brother to come back outside, but Rilo wouldn't leave Young Jeffrey.

They just absolutely AMAZE me sometimes...

Young Jeffrey's surgery was a complete success! He's back home in our sunroom in a very clean environment to prevent any infection. He'll be inside for the next 10 days where I can dote over him until he makes a full recovery.

He's on very good pain medication to keep him as comfortable as possible, plus plenty of antibiotics. And I have tons of nightcrawlers in the fridge for him to keep him eating and strong.



















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