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Majestic Diary

June 8, 2013

Poor Young Jeffrey... I checked on him every few hours during the night and gave him his pain meds right on schedule, but he is not a happy boy. I told him today and tomorrow will be the worst days, but then he should start feeling better. At least he's eating his worms. Every time he poops I change out his towel, so that he won't get an infection. I really want to avoid that, so he can rejoin his ladies as soon as possible.

Since he had a lot of trouble with the intubation tube the last time he had surgery, our vet didn't intubate him this time, but had everything ready in case of an emergency. So at least he doesn't have a sore throat this time.

We had some good news today... Bonnie "Bonster" was adopted! She will be joining Puff Daddy and Alanis in their wonderful home! I know we'll get lots of photos of her enjoying her new family. Good luck, Bonnie!






















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