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Majestic Diary

July 1, 2013

We found a new home for Tricia! She's left to join a family who LOVES their male Muscovy duck "Squirt." They're going to be so surprised to meet each other. Tricia won't need to share Billy-cha with another woman (Bella) anymore--and vice versa!

The family who captured Fred & Ginger spotted the other goose! Safe and sound with a bunch of Canada geese. They lured him up into their dog pen with food and brought him safely to us.

Meet Pastel! Sad thing is... He's starving and extremely underweight. He is very gentle and sweet and great around people--just like Fred & Ginger. Whoever had them originally, sure invested a lot of time and love into them... and then dumped them off... I just don't get it.

Pastel is especially fond of Isabel, so I'm sure the family must have had a daughter.

We don't have any room here, so he'll have to go to Nevin's Farm as well... too bad... I wish he could stay with us...












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