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Majestic Diary

July 26, 2013

Okay... B-R-E-A-T-H-E...

I was out in the pens and was turning over soil and reseeding grass and pruning trees and then moved over to the Goose Run to do a bit of landscaping there. So I'm digging up some mud from the rain and moving it to ...the edge of the pen, near one of the posts and minding my own business when I hear this BUZZING overhead. I look up and see about 30-40 white-faced hornets freaking out because someone (me) is flinging mud at the pole that's supporting their bountiful hive. HOLY SMOKES! A hive at least the size of a soft ball on the top of one of the pen poles. Fortunately, they were raving outside of the pen, not realizing I was on the inside of the pen. I was VERY LUCKY.

White-faced hornets are notoriously territorial and extremely target focused (although on the bright side, there was at least a decent sized goose pond to fall into right behind me--perfect for such an emergency). They did a pretty good job mounting it safely below the electric fencing while weaving over the aviary net. Too bad it will all go to waste TONIGHT! Sorry bees... you're not allowed in the sanctuary!

I've made pretty good progress on the trees. Except that big one sticking through the Goose Run's aviary!

Check out this photo of Tricia in her new home! Spoiled ducky! LOVE IT!







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