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Majestic Diary

September 8, 2013


Lil Ms. Bee was lifting and dropping her wing yesterday... I keep watching her... wondering if she was okay. It was like, every time it relaxes and touches down to the hay, she lifts it up in place again. It looked uncomfortable, so I called our vet and rushed her in for x-rays to make sure nothing fell out of place.

Her x-rays looked great! Bones are all healing well. We think it might be the weight of her growing pinfeathers coming in that's giving her some trouble, making it harder to hold up in place with all the wire gear in there.

She goes back October 5th for wire removal! Woo hoo!


Tony helped me finish up the work on the new pond liner, getting it all in place, then I filled it with water and Marvin jumped right in for an adventure!

Lil Ms. Bee is in a sectioned off area of the pen, so she and Marvin can see each other all day, but he can't touch her, and she can't get in water---no swimming yet!

Okay... I know I fell behind on diary updates (I'm caught up now!), but it wasn't my fault. We're experiencing server issues with our webhosting company and they're refusing to take responsibility for it... blaming it all on our use of Frontpage, when I know for a fact this is not the issue. I realize Frontpage is an outdated program and apparently I need to learn how to re-create our website under a new design program (a nightmarish thought...), but that is not the reason for their server issues.

Anyway... my apologies to everyone... especially my pen pal Laura and her duck Handsome Kenny who wrote to me himself (and it's hard to type with webbed feet) to tell me to get on the ball--ha ha! Okay, Kenny... Okay!


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