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Majestic Diary

September 22, 2013

Today I fixed the drain pipe leading out from Ranger's pond. It's been bugging me for a while and I finally found a way to solve the dilemma.

We had enough rain last night that I could open the valves to all the pens and flush out all the ponds. I had fences set up around them to keep the ducks from drinking the stale water. But now everyone's swimming again (at least for today... it doesn't look like the stream will be running for long).

I also mucked out Laddy & WeeBit's pond, which had a lot of silt fill in it. That's all cleaned out!

THEN... I went out into the woods and filled up a half a bucket of nightcrawlers--more worms than a flock of ducks could eat! Jodie-dee ate more than anyone else!

And what do you think those ducks did next? Why, they took a nap of course!

Young Jeffrey, Teaspoon, LeeLoo, Waverly & Jodie-dee

Teaspoon & LeeLoo

Teaspoon & LeeLoo



Lil Ms. Bee & Marvin


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