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Majestic Diary

October 8, 2013

While I took these photos today, we actually did this build work over the past weekend. My dad came up to help and together we did some beautiful work!

Okay, I realize this is just a picture of a Ranger's new gate, but you have to understand about the last one to fully appreciate this one. The old one had worn out and was crooked on the hinges and didn't close properly and was a real pain in the rear end. But this one is beautiful and perfect and level and plum! Woo-hoo!

With the new posts and rails in place, the electrical needs to be redone, but still a MAJOR pen improvement!

Look at cute Rilo, admiring the new gate to his brother's pen:

And over here we have our new door to our Mallard pen. This pen will be for flighted ducks, to keep them from escaping into other pen areas.

And here are some of the happy ducks we're doing all this work for! That's Young Jeffrey, Waverly, Teaspoon and LeeLoo.

And Jodie-dee on shore...


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