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Majestic Diary

October 22, 2013

I've been working on more mini tins. It's quite the process.

First, I have to prep the tins for  painting. The bottoms have to be wrapped and taped off, so I can prime and paint the lids.

Then I print out the decals for the tins (one for the lid and two more inside), cut them out and stick them in place. Each decal then receives two coats of clear coating.

Meanwhile... I pour the duck/goose molds and let them set for two days.

When the molds are done, I remove the ducks, sand down the edges and super glue the two halves together. Then it's time to paint them like little ducks and geese!

Then I assemble the mini books. I cut out the pages, staple them together and then peel and stick the instruction decals inside.

Finally, I make all the clay bits and pieces for the game and bake them in the oven. When they come out, I detail them with paint and stickers. This is how I turn little white sacks turn into bags of duck feed and give the itsy bitsy little books their front covers.

This is the most involved of all the steps and takes the most time. Some game pieces have magnets glued onto them to hold them to the metal game board.


Duck & goose books, feed bags, pet carriers and hay bails

Hours and hours of time go into detailing every single one. I like to work on them on rainy days or while I watch Big Bang Theory on TV or sometimes just between things.


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