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Majestic Diary

November 8, 2013

9:00 a.m.

It's a very stressful day today. I brought Ginger to the vet for her amputation surgery this morning, but she's not scheduled to go in until later today. So it will be a LONG day of worrying.



I called to see if Ginger is in surgery yet. Not yet, but soon. Vet team is finishing up lunch now and then they'll start prepping her.


1:00 pm

Surgery still underway. So far so good.


2:00 pm

Surgery still underway, but coming to a close.


2:45 pm

Surgery is over. Leaving to go pick up Ginger!


7:00 pm

Ginger had a difficult time coming out of anesthesia. I sat on the floor with her and our vet sat beside us for about an hour, waiting for her to stop vomiting and calm down. Once she was settled, we loaded her into the car and Isabel sat in the back seat with her, cupping Ginger's head in her hands while we drove home.

About five minutes from home, Ginger started to become unsettled. I pulled over, got her resituated, then hurried home.

Tony helped me get Ginger inside. She was in the bottom half of a pet carrier with blankets all around. I sat on the floor with her as seizures ensued... and begged her not to leave us--not after coming so far.

I gave her a sedative to help make her more comfortable and then... when Tony left the room for a moment, I whispered to her, "If you need to go, you can... It's okay."

And then... we lost her...





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