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Majestic Diary

December 5, 2013

We have recently had some drama with Lil Ms. Bee. Apparently, she got tired of the pin in her wing and pulled it out! So... our vet wrapped her wing in Vetwrap to hold it in place while it finishes healing, but... the little Houdini kept getting out of her bandage. After a few back-and-forth trips to our vet office, he showed me how to wrap her up myself.

So... where she should be near the end of mending, she's set herself back about a month in healing... ay yi yi...

She has become quite a sport about vet visits though and our vet tech Sue made her a little hat and scarf to wear!

Ha ha ha!

The bugger of all this is... I can't find the 6 inch metal pin that she pulled out anywhere! I've been all through her pen and barn stall. I cleared out the hay in her barn stall and put it under our plum trees. I'll go over it with the metal detector and see if I can find it. I want to frame it and hang it in the barn as a forever reminder of what our little Houdini managed to do!




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