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Ducks and Geese Available for Adoption

Our adoption pages are Always up to date!

After surviving so much...
ur rescued Ducks & Geese deserve the safety of a predator-proof pen.
No Free-Range Homes Please!

Please review our Adoption Requirements carefully BEFORE completing our   Online Adoption Application.







Laddy & WeeBit!


Pekin & Blue Swede

Male & Female Pair

Hatched late June 2007

Available for Special Adoption!

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Aladdin "Laddy" was rescued on 8/18/07. They were dropped off at a park in Middletown, CT when he still had his duckling peep, which enabled us to successfully determine his age. 

WeeBit was removed from an overcrowded situation where she had to compete for everything. She's a wee-bit shy, but when picked up she gives a lovely, fluffy snuggle.


Laddy recovered from a near-death encounter with aspergillosos in 2014. After six months of infirmary care and around the clock treatment, he was able to rejoin his darling WeeBit again. While he had made a full recovery, Laddy was left with some nearly unnoticeable neurological effects that have slowed him down a little. Even though he is a very happy and sweet boy who would do fine with additional girls, we do not want him ever penned with any other males.

We are looking for a very special home for Laddy and WeeBit; otherwise, we will let him live out the rest of his happy ducky days here at Majestic.

Photo coming Soon!







Steve & Eve




Est Hatch: Spring 2012

Not Available for Adoption

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Steve & Eve were discovered living in a small canal in 2012 when a new family moved to the area. For years they helped take care of the abandoned ducks, but when Evie broke her toes in January of 2018, they caught the pair, took her to the vet, and then brought both of them to us for continued care and safety.

Steve is outside in one of our pens, enjoying the company of all the ducks in neighboring pens--especially the girl Pekins!

Evie is currently relaxing on very soft pine shavings in our infirmary while her toes heal. She is on pain medication to keep her comfortable and has a mirror to keep her company between out visits. Once her broken toes have healed and she's able to rejoin Steve, the pair will be available for adoption.

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