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After surviving so much...
ur rescued Ducks & Geese deserve the safety of a predator-proof pen.
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Est Hatch:  Spring 2017

Adoption Pending!

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Lincoln was dropped off on a pond with another Pekin who was removed by an environmantal protection agency a few months before him when he/she succumbed to a fish hook injury. It's unknown what happened to his partner afterwards, but poor little Lincoln was left all alone.

Many members of the community were concerned with Lincoln's welfare and when the weather turned cold, quite a few people stepped up in an effort to rescue him and bring him to us.

This guy was known for eating out of people's hands during his abandonment, but he's still a little new here (arriving 12/6/17), so we're not sure how friendly he'll be once he settles in and gets used to us. We'll have to wait and see.

Lincoln is currently penned with Bruno and the two are best buddies!



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